Thursday, May 3, 2007

To Serve And Protect

I was going for a walk at lunch today when I saw two police officers on horseback (they weren't on the same horse as there were two horses. But it is funny to imagine a police officer on a horse with another police officer sitting behind him with his hands about his waist). They looked very regal and it made me feel a bit tingly (down there! I joke). I've never been one of those gals who goes all ga-ga over men in uniform. But I will admit that I have a fondness for firemen (but not those cheesy firemen calendars) ever since I saw a fireman put an oxygen mask on a cat after a fire at my old neighbour's house. That is actually the house that Sista Soldia used to live in. The fireman also led my neighbour into the fire truck to sit with the cat because it was cold outside. Very sweet.

So, I was watching the police officers on horseback and I began to wonder...what is the purpose of this? This isn't the wild west where everyone rode horses. Can a horse chase a speeding car? If the horse were to chase someone on foot, could the perpetrator distract the horse by throwing a carrot on the ground? One thing is certain, those horses are very messy. They left a nice steaming pile of stuff at the stop light and when I returned to the office, I had that smell in my nose for the next hour.


calamity jane said...

not too sure about a man in a uniform, but a horse in a uniform! now that's hot!

flowerchild said...

i do love the man in a uniform always have always will but you do have a point how hard would it be to hide from a horse ?